PIDP 3250

Here I am now in my 4th PIDP course!

I am excited to get going, and am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. Posting blogs and creating videos is a new learning curve, but one that I want to tackle.

This first week has been eye opening. I have enjoyed  the readings in Elizabeth Barkley’s text book “Student Engagement Techniques” I especially enjoyed the chapter on  Neurosciences (being a nurse of course this would interest me!)

I have always believed in working as a team, and would love to incorporate more of  that into my teaching. I already have some ideas brewing!

I am dovetailing onto my previous blog I created for the PIDP 3100. The cover page is my (then) pup Lily introducing herself to one of our chickens. I am also learning photography, so this is one of my favorite pictures. See? She IS self learning about chickens……

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